New Site Underway: ShiShiye’s SCP Stories!

I’ve been working on a new website for my son, who has had a longstanding obsession with SCPs. He has decided that he is creating his own SCPs, along with the stories to go with them and eventually, he wants to write scripts for a TV series involving his creations and stories! How awesome is that?!

He already had a website that has been defunct for about two years so we discussed reviving his site and converting it from a youtube video-based site into a much different beast. He now has a new design and theme with some cool graphics, the ability to post updates regularly on his own, and a Wiki that he is building. I’m stoked to see how this site turns out when he has it fully filled with content and finished!

Although…is a site like this ever really finished? That’s the beauty of it! He can create and post more content for years to come! Give him a visit and see what he’s been up to! ->> https://www.shishiye-gaming.com


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