Author: Kristen


Getting Back To It

After years focusing on my special needs son's education and wellbeing, I am returning to the workforce due to financial constraints. Despite challenges, including an outdated resume and years-old portfolio, I'm optimistic about re-establishing my online presence and finding remote work.

New Favorite Band: Sabaton!

As a lifelong metal music enthusiast, I am sharing newfound love for Sabaton, a Swedish heavy metal band whose music focuses on military history, following an introduction from my son. Despite each of us having distinct interests - mine in dance and linguistics, and my son in military history and strategy - we both enjoy Sabaton's music. The band's unique historical approach to creating music complements the both of our interests and enhances our shared experience.

The New Site is Live!

After a period of inactivity due to personal obligations, the previously defunct website 'Digital Kristen' is now fully operational again. The creator, a mother with a passion for crafts and DIY, promises new upcoming content and products, including 3D-printed crafting tools. I'm leveraging my love for textile crafts to revive the platform.