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Join me in my journey to wellness and allow me to support you through your own journey! To learn more about what I have been through, read through my “About Me” page to learn more about my own wellness journey. This is an ongoing process and is long-term, based on well-formulated long-term goals.  will be happy to assist you in learning about the wellness process and setting up your own long-term (and short-term) goals! Just contact me using the chat button on the bottom-right of every page on this site, or email me at kristen@digital-kristen.com to discuss your personal needs.

I produce YouTube videos occasionally to supplement the information that you see on this site, but my main venue to bring info to you is this website and my Facebook group Digital Body Sculpting. Click here to see that group. I encourage the use of natural products whenever possible, and highly recommend doTERRA products as your source for all-natural, wholesome products to use

Starting your own journey to wellness can feel a little overwhelming and difficult at times but don’t fear! We will take it one step at a time and make the process easier to understand for you, so you will have more success and make that success LASTING!

The recipe has step-by-step instructions with clear expectations, photos for each step, and a believable finished product shown. The image for this post shows you how it turned out for me. Yes, that is a photo of my own first attempt at making this recipe.

Welcome to my new series: Journey to Wellness! I will be launching a sister series in the coming days: Music for Wellness! Over the last couple of years, way too

When we take time to focus on our emotional and mental health, work towards healthy actions and reactions, miracles can happen in our mental and emotional health! Read this article to learn some tips and tricks to help you learn to focus on being happy!

Our measure isn't about what we have, how rich we are, who works for us, or who we know. It is in what we do with what we have. This quote goes hand-in-hand with another tenant I live by: serving others. Those of us who find that deep personal satisfaction in helping others know just what I mean. Those of you who don't know should give it a try. Read my thoughts on this topic in this article.

In any endeavor, no matter how large or how small, your level of success is usually directly related to your level of preparedness. Read this article to see what I think about our level of preparedness.