Yummy Summer Treat: Easy Home-Made Ice Cream!


For those of you who don’t already know, my 3 year old son is lactose intolerant and LOVES ice cream! Since we moved to a small town in Maryland, we have been unable to find his lactose free ice cream in any of the local stores. Ever since, I have been trying to make homemade ice cream for him. I have tried a few recipes that I found online, and he hated every last one 🙁 Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

I don’t have an ice cream machine, so one that I could make with my food processor using foods I had on hand was of utmost importance. Recipe after recipe ended in disaster, either frozen solid like Italian Ice, gooey like Gelato (which he hates) or, worst yet, salty tasting but the perfect consistency. Try getting a 3 year old to eat salty ice cream!

This super-easy recipe can be used with a blender or food processor and any fruit you have on hand. It has just enough sugar to make it yummy like a special treat, but still wholesome enough to feel good about giving to your kids any time… my son actually ate some for breakfast with a sliced up waffle!

I used bananas and strawberries but you can use anything you like, as long as it is cut into small chunks and frozen before hand. I peeled my bananas and broke them into small chunks which I put into a freezer bag and froze solid the night before. From start to finish, it only took me about 15 minutes, including preparing a bowl which was eaten in less than 5 minutes and he asked for more! You can use any milk. I used Lactaid Whole Milk but you can use regular whole milk , soy milk, rice milk or what ever your heart desires. I don’t know how this would turn out with a low fat milk, but if you give it a try please let me know how it turns out! The overripe fruit adds to the sweetness, allowing us to use less sugar. Since there is only a teeny amount of salt, don’t try this recipe without some fruit added, as the fruit actually helps keep the milk from freezing solid. In my hand, the salt actually only looked like about 30 grains or so, don’t overdo it or your ice cream will taste salty!


  • 4 Large Overripe Bananas, chunked and frozen
  • 4 large Overripe Strawberries, chunked and frozen
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar
  • 1/3 Cup Milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon Salt (yes this is a TINY amount, JUST enough to keep the milk from freezing solid.)

How To Make It:

  1. Get out your blender or food processor, wash and dry. Get all of your ingredients ready, as you will be making this fast to avoid it melting!
  2. Add ALL of the ingredients at once and pulse until the frozen chunks are broken down and more smooth.
  3. Turn the food processor on (in a blender, this would probably be on high, or whip) for 5 minutes, stopping it every minute or two to let the motor cool down
  4. (optional!) I poured the mixture into a mixing bowl and blended with a hand mixer for another few minutes to whip it up nicely and make it lighter and fluffier. This is optional, but will add to your finished product, making it smoother and more scoop-friendly!
  5. Serve as soft-serve immediately, freeze any left overs promptly in a covered container. Use within 7 days.