Yeast Breadsticks


These yummy-nummy breadsticks use my Italian Dough recipe, so go ahead and make the dough all the way to the step where you need to form the dough. This is where the dough turns into breadsticks!

What ingredients you need depends entirely on how you like your breadsticks! If you like plain old breadsticks, consider just brushing the cooked breadsticks with some butter or oil and perhaps a little parmesean cheese. You can make stuffed cheesy bread by laying two layers of dough with string cheese and grated cheese in the middle. You can top with cheese and pizza toppings for pizza-breadsticks. Just use your imagination and have fun!

If you have used self rising flour, your dough will really rise nicely when it is baked, so make your initial dough forms fairly thin. A 1/4 inch breadstick formed dough will bake into about a 1 to 1 1/2 inch tall breadstick! All purpose or bread flour won’t rise near as much, but also won’t be near as light and fluffy! My family likes the light and fluffy variety of breadsticks, so I use self rising for tall, soft breadsticks.

Breadsticks come about as varied as a recipe can! Here are some ideas for breadstick forms:

  • Coat a square or rectangular pan with cooking spray and stretch your dough across the bottom. If you have small pans, seperate your dough into several balls and use several pans to make your breadsticks short enough to eat. You want your dough no more than 1/4 inch high in the pan. After your dough rests and rises a bit before baking, cut the dough to make individual breadsticks in the pan.
  • Seperate the dough into small balls, about the size of a large marble. Roll the dough ball between your hands and your countertop to lengthen it into a bun-shaped breadstick.
  • Seperate the dough into small balls, no larger than a large marble. Roll the dough ball between your hands and the countertop to lengthen it into a long string. Double the string of dough over and twist to make bread-twists.

Bake your breadsticks at 450 for 7-15 minutes, depending on how you formed your dough. Narrow bread-twists will only need about 7 minutes. Thick stuffed cheesy-breadsticks will take closer to 15. You will know your breadsticks are ready when they turn a LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN, they shouldn’t get too dark or they will be overcooked and hard. Brush your breadsticks with melted butter or olive oil while they are hot to keep them nice and tender.