Thor Has Left Us…

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Our beloved English Mastiff, Thor, left this world and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the afternoon of September 30, 2018. He had developed behavior issues that we had chalked up to him being so old. 10 1/2 years is pretty much ancient for an English Mastiff! The vet told us that he was as a healthy as a horse, but it turned out that he had a brain tumor that wasn’t noticed until it triggered a stroke on September 29. Our sweet, gentle furry baby boy lost all cognition and was in intense pain, and he would never get any better. Pain medication helped with that part of it but nothing could heal the damage to his brain, so we decided it was time to let him go be at peace. That was the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and even now, almost 3 months later, I am still crying as I write about it. I miss my big puppy so much every single day!!

I don’t like to consider myself prone to depression, but I must admit that I’ve definitely been in a “funk” ever since that day. It’s so hard to move past that loss. It’s not really depression, it’s a real rut that I’m climbing out of, slowly.

I’m wanting to work on a memorial video for him, but it’s proving challenging! We had years worth of photos and videos stored on an external hard drive, which took a nosedive. I was able to recover the data from the drive but it’s all scattered with no organization whatsoever and not much time to work on cleaning up the crap from the stuff to save. BUT, it must be done before I can get his puppy pics and photos from up until about a year ago. Videos too. With my current health, mobility, fatigue, and pain… it’s hard to muster the energy to do much of anything after I get the house, my son, Pogo and John taken care of. John had to have surgery on his elbow just 5 days after we lost Thor, and it still causes him a lot of pain and mobility problems. As for me, that’s enough material for an entirely different post! LOL! But, for now, just know that Thor’s memorial is coming. It’s just taking longer than expected. And we miss him dearly.