Take Your Business To The Next Level!


J&K Photography, LLC. is a Native American owned and operated business right here in Northern Virginia! We hail from the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and take pride in showing our heritage through our art whenever possible. We are here to elevate your business to the next level by providing you with gorgeous, leading-edge and top notch photo and video services to showcase your products and services!

When your clients and customers are looking for someone to provide them with your services and your products, they will head to the business that manages to catch their attention. You have about 20 seconds, on average, to engage and enthrall your audience before they head to the next provider in the line. That means your initial statement must be one that catches and keeps attention, that drives engagement and promotes a response!

John and Kristen (that’s the “J&K” in our name, “J&K Photography”!) have almost 3 decades of experience between them in artistic direction, marketing, design, and development of digital media. Let us help you to generate that type of business image that captivates your market and keeps them coming back! We can help you with your marketing materials, advertising platform optimization and even optimized photographs for business cards, flyers and other promotional and advertising materials. Ask us about helping you optimize a standardized image or graphic for all of your advertising needs, so it looks perfect in every medium!