Supaman’s “Why” Always Moves Me!

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I absolutely love Supaman’s music! I am a rock girl, always have been. I don’t like rap or hip hop music as a general rule. But, let me tell you about this guy! You’ll see why I opened up to an entire different genre of music, thanks to this one artist.

My kid is sensory sensitive and very shy. His father is Native American and we have always taught him about his American Indian heritage but he never really seemed to get it. He hasn’t been raised on a rez so that probably had a lot to do with it. He had a strong grasp of the spirituality but not of the culture. Because of his sensory sensitivity, we couldn’t take him to Pow Wows or other cultural gatherings where he could step in and really make a connection to the culture. It is also worth to note that we have a very multi-racial family so he has always grown up “race-blind”. He understands deep in the core of his being that we are all alike inside, and the outside doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, which is AWESOME of him!!! (So proud!)

My husband works for the good ole USA and one day came home from work and told me about this guy who had been at his work over the course of their American Indian Heritage Appreciation. He had been totally blown away by this guy, speaking on their heritage and culture while dressed in full Fancy Dance Regalia (note: NOT a costume! That is an important part of heritage and culture and should be respected.) He said that the guy had been a rapper and performed during his presentation and that it was AWESOME!

So we looked up the name on YouTube: Supaman. He found the song, “Prayer Loop Song”. We listened. Our son listened and loved it. We loved it. We listened to it daily for a long time! We found other songs and realized we liked a lot of them! We looked up other “American Indian Hip Hop” artists and liked a lot of them! This was a huge change but very welcomed! Autumn came around and time for our local powwow… and Supaman would be there! I showed my son and he finally asked to go! I prepared him for the loud drums, the bright regalia and all the activity he would be around but he still was a little freaked out when Grand Entry started and the drums got loud, singing got loud and all the activity really kicked into high gear. He wanted to go to the green for the intertribal (open dance) but was totally freaked! They did a lot of intertribals and by the third, he was an old pro and running to dance, fully enjoying himself! Yay!

He caught a glimpse of Supaman as early as possible! He had made some crayon drawings and brought them to give to Supaman, so we made our way over to see if we could say Hi and give him the drawings. He was the sweetest, most down to earth and personable guy you could ever want to meet! He was very understanding of my son’s special situation and patient with him. Very awesome!

So now there’s this song, “Why”. It speaks to the very core of my being. My son always asks to listen to it and loves dancing to it now. Just give it a listen…

I firmly believe in supporting artists! Please, if you enjoy his music, please go buy something… a song, an album or his entire collection! You can buy single songs for around $0.99 and every purchase helps to  support Supaman and his family so he can continue to bring us this amazing music! 🙂

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