Site & Channel Changes

Blogs Kristen

You have probably noticed by now that I changed up the color scheme on the site. It was kinda yellow and orange, now it is more off-white and blue. There’s a different image on the top of the pages, too. Don’t worry! Nothing else is changing! Similarly, I have made some changes on YouTube and Instagram but thereagain, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! The changes are purely cosmetic! I even changed the YouTube channel name from “Essential Spirit Tribe” to “Kristen”. All of these changes are in preparation of some business ideas that my husband and I are discussing. Once we have our ideas hammered out and everything is concrete, I will make the announcements! But.. just special for my blog readers… I can let you know that the changes involve cameras, drones and merchandise!

So, tell me: Would you buy some “Be Strong, Be Fearless, Be the Best Version of Yourself!” merchandise?