Rant on Makeup & Self-Image

Blogs Kristen

My little rant on makeup and self image. I believe in natural beauty, inner beauty and that your inner beauty shines through, regardless of your makeup or hair! Also, if you don’t possess inner beauty, that comes through as well, regardless of makeup and hair. Love yourself and put that energy out. Then that very energy will bring a similar love to you.

We get so completely caught up in how others see us and so often we lose focus on what’s truly important: how we see ourselves!

Abuse survivors and those battling with eating disorders in particular have a special insight into this. We lose ourselves in the view that others have of us and have a tendency to confuse our own self-image and self-value with what others think of us rather than what we think of ourselves. This is, usually, where we lose our self-love. It can even be the birth of self-loathing.

When we place more importance on others’ views of us than we place on our own views of ourselves, we lose an important and integral part of our self-love. Once lost, our self-love can be so very hard to regain! It all starts with accepting yourself as you are and seeing your own beauty. It doesn’t have to be complete to start. Little steps are okay as long as they carry you in the right direction. Look into your eyes and see how beautiful the color is. See how they sparkle when you realize your eyes ARE beautiful! Watch your lips and realize you have a beautiful smile! Show your hair some love and watch it shine in the sun. Show your skin some love and find the silkiest part of your body to feel… enjoy the feel of your own skin and realize that it is beautiful.

Take time to help others who need it. Find a way each day to become the best version of yourself. Even if it is just learning something new. Even if it is just remembering your favorite memory and allowing yourself to bask in that joy. Then, tomorrow you can share a story of that memory with someone and help bring some joy into their life. Before you know it, you feel better about yourself just by helping someone else to feel better. You feel better about yourself by taking a moment to remember the joy of life, to experience new joys in life, to just enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin for a moment. It’s amazing. And it’s beautiful, just like you.

You are beautiful, just how you are. You are perfect. I know it, now it’s time for you to know it, too.