Website Setup


This includes full installation and setup of your website, specially designed for Wellness Advocates! I will set up a WordPress blog on your domain name and hosting account for you, install a gorgeous theme with graphics and pages specifically geared and developed for Wellness Advocates. You will be able to login to your own site afterward and customize the content of your site with 100% control of your site. I will link your site to your Google Analytics dashboard for you and even provide you with a built-in e-commerce solution for selling your own products and a download manager to make it easy for you to manage the PDF files that you provide to your team and customers. You can even see statistics on your downloads and on your sales!

You will have access to new graphics that you can add to your site’s header each month on this site that will feature doTERRA’s new monthly discounted products, Products of the Month and other incentives. This will give your site a fresh, new element that keeps your visitors interested and coming back. This is a full website set up that will be handed off to you upon completion.



  • WordPress software installation*
  • Setup of your WordPress site
  • Installation of your favorite site theme
  • Installation of WordPress plugins:
    • Standard Edition Elementor
    • Elementor elements (for advanced page designs)
    • Blogroll (for easy link management)
    • Google Analytics for WA Dashboard**
    • WooCommerce (for e-commerce elements)
    • Download Manager (to manage your PDF file downloadables)
    • Jetpack (for security and statistics)
    • Easy SSL (to make sure your site is SSL compliant if you have a static IP address and SSL certificate)
  • Setup of site elements that you can reuse as you want including:
    • WA Enrollment Buttons
    • Full-Width background for pages
    • Social links
  • Setup of several site elements including: 
    • Home page
    • About page (you add content later)
    • Contact page
    • WA Essential oils page (duplicate of what you see on my site)
    • WA Save with Essential Oils page (duplicate of what you see on my site)
    • WA Starter Kits page (duplicate of what you see on my site)
    • WA Join my Team page (duplicate of what you see on my site, enter your own information)
    • Links to your WA pages in the menu (Buy & Enroll)

* Installation of WordPress on your own hosted space, you must provide your email address, preferred password (change it later!), email for the site to utilize, MySQL database username, password, and database to use for the installation and FTP access to your web space. Login credentials to your hosting control panel will be sufficient for me to set up the FTP and database for you if necessary. If this is purchased as part of the Startup Bundle, just provide your email address, preferred password, email for the site to utilize and I will handle the rest!

 ** You must already have a Google Analytics account setup. Add a support session to your shopping cart before checkout if you want me to set up your analytics account for you. You MUST provide me with your Google login (please change your password to a temp password before, and change it back after!) so I can set it up for you on your account.

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