Support Session


This is for a single 30-minute support session for your website and/or hosting account. Use this session to learn the basics of your hosting control panel or WordPress website! There can sometimes be a huge learning curve when you are trying to figure out the difference between WordPress pages and posts, what is a wooCommerce Product and how to add it to your site or how to update a theme header! Kristen has been using and managing WordPress sites for over a dozen years and can help you to navigate your new site! She has also been using the Hostia control panel for many years and can teach you the basics in a few minutes!

The Startup Bundle comes with 3 separate 30-minute support sessions to give you plenty of time to get familiar with your new site and hosting panel. Use this if you are buying separate hosting or site setup, or need additional support sessions.

Your session will be scheduled for a phone call, Skype video call, zoom video call or Google Hangouts session and will need to be set up for an afternoon, evening or night time period.


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