Practical Ways to Use Essential Oils: DIY Melt & Pour Soap

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Use your essential oils to make your own DIY soap!

Many times, you get your essential oils and then have no idea how ot actually USE them! Sure, you can learn about aromatherapy and the three main ways to use oils: topical, aromatic and internal. Still, that leaves a little practical usage to be desired. Without someone there to actually show you how to do some of these practical things, it is hard to figure it out all on your own! So, I have started a series: Practical Ways to Use Essential Oils!

In today’s episode, walk through making DIY Melt & Pour soap and learn how to incorporate your essential oils into the process! This is a fun and easy process that the kids can help with, as long as they are able to maintain focus enough to not get in the way of a knife when you have to cut the soap, and not get themselves burned with hot, melted soap! My 9 year old helps in the video and really enjoys the entire process! He delights in washing himself in soap that he helped to make, and the lather is SO NICE!!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of soaps into one batch! For example, I love mixing Goat’s Milk and Honey soaps into one bar for myself. The lather is rich and thick, the soap rinses clean and it is very moisturising. I use Goat’s Milk, Honey and Oatmeal all in one for my son to soothe his itchy, dry skin and minimize eczema outbreaks. I always add Lavender Essential Oil because it is SO GOOD for your skin, and I always include a few drops of onGuard Essential Oil blend to turn the soaps into a safe, non-toxic highly effective cleansing soap that doesn’t contribute to the antibiotic overuse issue!

This also makes a great community style project, but will need to be a two day event if you use medium to large molds so your participants can actually take home their finished, hardened and cooled soaps. It takes a 2-10 hours to harden depending on your mold. Get adventurous and design your own make & take workshops for tiny soaps and let your participants add their own oils into each tiny soap! The tiny soaps will harden in an hour, so that might work better for a public event!

Check the links below for the items we use and suggest for you to get the most bang for your buck when you make this project!



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