Photo Album


Here is a quick little photo album! The photos are in no particular order, but all are captioned so you can read what the pic is about! I hope you enjoy!

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And here are the individual pictures, in case the slideshow above isn’t working out right for you…

A very tired Daddy!!
Thor trying to figure out what this new creature is… smells funny!
Matoskah, 1 day old showing us all what he is thinking of this whole “being born” thing!
My baby shower. Three in center back, left to right: Me (Kristen), my Mom (Elaine), my older sister (Kelli). The rest, left to right (all my nieces, Kelli’s daughters): Jamie, Wreesie, Brittany, Jasmine, April.
Thor, 1 year old, in the morning sunshine!
Thor, about 6 months old, playing and jumping on the bed!
Me (Kristen), snuggling with Thor at 6 months old.
Thor, 4 months old, drinking from my water bottle in the cab of our moving truck, moving from Illinois back to North Carolina.
Me and Thor, snuggling. He is about 2 – 2 1/2 months old
Thor playing with Daddy, John, at 2 months old.
Thor, 2 months old, playing with our neighbor’s dogs, Odin and Loki.
Thor, 6 weeks old, with John. Thor’s first trip out of our back door when we brought him home from the breeder.
Thor, 6 weeks old, tuckered out after a long, crazy day!
Mommy (Kristen) and baby boy (Matoskah), he is about 9 months old.
04 April 2009, Matoskah just born, Mommy (Kristen) and Daddy (John) as happy as can be!
Daddy John holding baby Matoskah for the first time.
Kristen, Matoskah and Thor snuggling in the new place in Maryland, Feb 2012
Kristen and the biggest lap dog ever, Thor! 🙂
22 Jan 2012, Daddy (John), Baby (Matoskah) and Puppy (Thor) sleeping in after a long drive from North Carolina to Maryland that ended at 11pm the previous night!
25 Dec 2011. Matoskah is shown with Daddy (John) and Great-Grandfather (his father’s mother’s father), Paul.
25 Dec 2011, Matoskah plays with his new train while Mommy and Thor watch.
Thor’s cute little puppy face! He was 3 at the time.
April 2012, Matoskah (3) and Thor (4) chillin out together.
04 April 2012, Matoskah opening birthday presents with Mommy, Thor patiently waiting for the wrapping paper to play with!
June 2009, Baby Matoskah with Daddy (John) and Grandfather (Daddy’s daddy), Ronald. Yes, they are American Indians from the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina.
Matoskah feeding his lunch to Thor!
25 Dec 2009, Matoskah with Mommy (Kristen) and Great-Grandmother (his Father’s Father’s Mother, Ida Jane)
25 Dec 2009, Matoskah with his Daddy (John) and Great-Grandfather (His Father’s Mother’s Father, Paul)
A very tired Mommy (that’s me, Kristen), napping with Baby Matoskah and Thor.
A very happy Daddy (John), snuggling with Baby Matoskah and Thor.
Baby Matoskah snuggling with Thor and Daddy (John).
Baby Matoskah and Thor
Baby Matoskah (1 month old), snuggling with his Grandmother (His Mother’s Mother, Elaine)