New Updates! (28 Jan 2018)


I’ve come to realize that if I want to dedicate my life to this vision of acceptance, love, community and beauty that I envision being able to bring to others, I need to find some way to survive! LOL! Even though this is something that I am truly passionate about, I still have bills to pay. Even though my husband works and I am a stay at home mom, we have had a discussion. My husband would love to also dedicate himself to this vision! Yay!

Wait… how would we eat? Oh man… this will take more thought!

Well, after thinking and researching, I have decided to work on making a living while doing what I love! I have added some small ads to this site. I have also set up an Amazon Associates account so that I can get commissions from Amazon when someone buys something using my links at no extra cost to their customers. I also set up a Patreon account where people can opt to become patrons of Essential Spirit Tribe and give us that financial freedom we need to do this full time as a family and still be able to feed our son, pay our bills and generally live life while helping others to live their lives. I also am working on my YouTube channel and will be adding videos as I can, which will eventually allow me to monetize my channel and make income from there as well, once my channel meets YouTube’s subscriber and viewtime minimums for monetization.

So, if you want to help, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
  2. Watch my videos all the way through and give them a thumbs up!
  3. Sign up to be a Patron on Patreon if you can afford to
  4. Use my Amazon Associates link to shop on Amazon
  5. Share my site and/or social networks with your friends and followers
  6. Reach out to me about being a mentor for those living in darkness who need an ear and a shoulder! Right now, I don’t have a huge reach but I am working hard on that and hope to soon need others that I can rely on to help.
  7. Reach out to me about writing for this site. I am assign different authors to be able to work on this site and write new posts. If you feel that you can contribute meaningful content that will help those who need it, please let me know! The more content the site has that can reach and help others, the better!

I hope you all are having a wonderful time and that ray of sunlight is coming over the horizon for all of us!