New Collection! This is all Native Land!

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I am proud to announce a new collection! Unveiling this week is my “This is all Native Land” collection.

The inspiration for this collection is rather obvious to those of us with indigenous roots, but others may not know… it isn’t generally taught in school. For those of you who are not indigenous, let me break the news: Native Americans lived here long before Columbus ever set sail for the New World. THIS IS ALL NATIVE LAND brings you the first installment in a series of collections that my Father-in-Law requested for me to design which brings forth the fact that all non-indigenous people in America are either immigrants (usually illegal… there was no immigration agency when the Pilgrims landed!) or the descendants of those immigrants. Columbus discovered nothing that Native Americans hadn’t already settled and lived on for thousands of years and my Father-in-Law (Lumbee/Apache!) wants some merch with that thrown out into the realm of the obvious. So, Daddy, here ya go!