My Birthday Video! Unboxing My DoTerra Loyalty Rewards Order, TONS of info!! Celebrate with me!

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My birthday video! Celebrate with me as I unbox my monthly DoTerra Loyalty Rewards order. I got the opportunity to share a lot of info with you on the awesome products that I use personally, as well as the Loyalty Rewards Program that I participate in! Contact me at for help with your loyalty orders or wholesale membership!

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. My choice to detoxify myself and my home have resulted in a MASSIVE improvement to my overall quality of life! I no longer use toxic cleaner products, toxic personal care products (yes, MOST are quite toxic!) and have made a point to make sure I use natural “medicines” whenever possible. “Medicines” are in quotes because they aren’t medications prescribed by a doctor or marketed by a pharmaceutical company, but I still find significant enough improvement in my life to call it medicine anyway! I also make a pointed effort to make sure my vitamins and supplements are highly bio-available and all natural. This was the biggest game changer for me.

When you go and get a vitamin at the store and see that one little pill contains these HUGE amounts of vitamins and minerals, how do you think all of that is shoved into such a small vessel? Think about it. The answer: synthetically produced and/or highly artificially processed vitamins and minerals. What makes this a bad thing? In essence, they go in your mouth and most of them go right out the other end later on. Your body can’t actually absorb the vitamins and minerals you are taking, so they are doing you no good. You go out and spend money on this product and it doesn’t do anything for you other than leech toxic chemicals that they were processed with into your body as they travel through your digestive tract. So you pay for pills that, essentially, make you sick in the long run from a build up of toxic chemicals in your system. So then you are sick and go to the doctor, who prescribes medication to help you deal with your symptoms… AND then these medications either just mask the problem or create an imbalance in your system that you need yet another medication to help you deal with and the cycle goes on and on. I speak from personal experience on this topic and trust me, it isn’t a cycle that you want to be stuck in the middle of!

Do yourself a favor right now and throw out those artificially produced multivitamins and get yourself a Lifelong Vitality Pack from DoTerra like I show in my video. IT’S WORTH IT! You will take several more tablets in a day, but the ingredients in those tablets are natural. They are bio-available, which means your body can actually USE them instead of eliminating them in your waste. It takes more tablets to get the nutrients in because they aren’t highly processed. They aren’t chemically processed or manufactured. They are natural and real. And they work. They have helped me 100%!

Every day, I take my Lifelong Vitality Pack, along with the Bone Nutrient Supplement, Mito2Max and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex. Since I started this regimen, even my bad fibro days are NOTHING compared to my normal days before Lifelong Vitality. NOTHING. In my pre-LLV days, it was a struggle just to live through each day. The pain was so intense from head to toe that I can’t even describe it in a way that could make you understand. It is truly amazing what we can adapt to and live with, and I had adapted to living with intense pain every moment of every day. I couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. EVER. I was constantly exhausted, constantly in agony and struggling (often failing) to be a good mother, good wife and productive citizen.

Sure, I could have taken pain killers. I tried that, actually. I really didn’t like going through my day as a doped up zombie. There again, failing to be a good wife, mother or citizen… because I was too stoned on prescriptions. Plus, there was still a significant amount of pain there, I was just too doped up to care. And to top it off, my mother has been an opioid addict for many years now and I didn’t want to fall down that same dark hole she is in and has no care to climb out of. Not me. Not even starting down that road. So I stopped taking any and all pain medications. You can manage pain yourself to a certain degree with meditation, yoga and other methods. It worked, with some success, and still does help. But the biggest help has been changing my supplements.

I always tell people that I have absolutely no concrete proof as to WHY it helps so much, but I am living proof that it does! I have a theory that combines the fact that the supplements are so bio-available and that they contain a smack-ton of micro-nutrients that seem to be helping my body a lot. BUT that’s just a theory, nothing scientifically proven. I would be interested in finding out for sure!

I love getting my monthly box of goodies from doTerra, as you can plainly see in my video! I use their Loyalty Rewards System to earn points based on my purchases (and shipping is rewarded with points as well!), which I then redeem for other doTerra products down the road. Sometimes, I hoard points and splurge on a huge order… great for Christmas! It’s so awesome to know that when I get my normal stuff (cleaner concentrate, laundry detergent, vitamins and supplements, toothpaste, soap, etc), I get 30 points for every 100 I spend. That’s like getting $30 back in your bank account every time you spend $100 at the pharmacy, household goods or beauty supply shop! It adds up FAST and I absolutely love it! Not only am I getting awesome, non-toxic and all natural products, I get a massive return on my purchase!

Also, let me tell you now that I am insanely picky about the products I use. They have to work and be the best I have ever seen for me to be happy with a product. Honest. And, also honestly, doTerra products ARE the best I have ever used. From the cleaner concentrate to the multi-vitamins, from the skin care products all the way down to the lip balm. And don’t even get me started on the essential oils that I use for the health benefits for my entire family! THAT will be a video for another day… 🙂

So, to close, I hope you enjoyed this post and the video to go along with it! I hope I have been able to help someone out there who, like me, struggled for years with chronic pain and illness, and show you that there IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! Just take the best care of yourself that you can and that involves removing toxicity from your home and body. DoTerra’s products have helped me to do just that, to amazing benefit of my overall quality of life and I appreciate the care they take to ensure that what I am using at home is pure and natural. I hope you will give it a try, you will be amazed at the results!

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** I am not a doctor and nothing in this post or video is intended as medical advice! Please see your doctor if you are unwell and follow your doctor’s advice!