Meaningful Monday: The Measure Of Who We Are

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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

– Vince Lombardy

Our measure isn’t about what we have, how rich we are, who works for us, or who we know. It is in what we do with what we have. This quote goes hand-in-hand with another tenant I live by: serving others. Those of us who find that deep personal satisfaction in helping others know just what I mean. Those of you who don’t know should give it a try.

It always seems that the poorest among us are usually the first to share what they have with others in need. Just think about that: they have less to give, yet give more freely. Now isn’t the time to be greedy, with so many out of work and in great need. Now is the time for us to think back to the good old fashioned values that our grandparents were raised with. What would they tell you if you asked? They would tell you to share. Stop hoarding. Share.

There are ways to satisfy our basic necessities and still share what we have. Be a part of the spirit of giving, even though it isn’t the holidays. Let the tide of giving wash across the world and bring aid to all those who need it! Let’s all share what we have, and help those who don’t.