Meaningful Monday: Preparation is the Key to Success

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In any endeavor, no matter how large or how small, your level of success is usually directly related to your level of preparedness.

I know I usually try to make my Meaningful Monday posts as inspirational happy posts but this week, I just need to address this issue. I hope you can forgive me and look forward to next Monday’s more bright and cheerful post.

In our country, we are under stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders across the country. Each state and municipality issued their orders independently, but it is a general consensus that being at home and distant from others is a good idea right now. It’s really the only way that we can ensure the health and safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else. Until we can get effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, that’s just the reality of our lives right now.

Good preparation involves many things in this situation, on a large scale. It involves widespread testing of pretty much everyone. Active virus tests and antibody tests for those who aren’t ill as well as for those who are ill. We need to know without a doubt how widespread this virus has infiltrated our populations. This isn’t a luxury. It is a need to know basis kinda thing and we ALL NEED TO KNOW. But our testing capacity doesn’t match our testing needs. So we need to stop spreading this crap around.

We need to be able to offer an effective treatment for those who are sick. We have recently learned that this virus can harm our hearts, brains, kidneys and livers in addition to our lungs. Look at that list of organs. They are ALL organs we need to keep in good shape to be able to live. We don’t have any treatment that works– the most publicly touted hydroxychloroquine has had almost all of its trials stopped because it causes severe, life threatening side effects and sudden death in more people than COVID-19 does. It does work for malaria, lupus and RA, but in select individuals under strict medical supervision and those who do take it have been cleared to take it through some pretty extensive medical history workup and examination (including having regular heart, kidney and liver monitoring). It is an immune suppressant drug. There’s tons of those on the market so let’s stop focusing on the one that kills the most people who take it. The reason immune suppressors are being tested is because having a good, healthy immune response with this virus can trigger something called a cytokine storm which often leads to organ failure and sepsis. That’s the immune response causing that, not the virus itself. It’s an important distinction.

Simply because the general population doesn’t know it’s the immune response that causes most of the problems, like it does with ebola, just shows that the public education is severely lacking. And that is just sad, because the information is out there. You just have to go read up. While you are self-isolating, take some time to educate yourself instead of taking time to go out and protest or go to the beach. Stay home and learn what you are fighting.

This isn’t going away. It isn’t done. Not even close.

So, we all need to do our part. It isn’t about any one person, no matter what Mr. Trump thinks (it isn’t all about him, though he tries to make it so). It isn’t about your job, or mine. It is about being able to keep our population alive long enough to find a cure, treatment or vaccine. Those things take time, so settle in and get comfortable in your house. It’s gonna be a while.

Do something. No, do something PRODUCTIVE. Instead of going to the dog groomer, take initiative to wash your own dog, brush them and trim their nails. The glands can wait, or the vet can do the glands for you. Instead of sitting around being angry that you are so bored, learn to sew and make masks for your friends and family. Make extras. Donate some to your doctor, hospital, grocery clerk, gas station clerk and others who have to be out there in the middle of it. Cut apart old pillowcases, sheets and T-shirts you don’t wear any more and make a few more to give to the local food bank for the folks trying to keep people fed. The masks don’t need to be fancy or made from brand new fabric, they just need to be clean and get the job done. Instead of raging that you don’t agree with your job not being essential, or your kids not going to school (this is a blessing in disguise, friends, because your kids would be sick and getting you sick if they went to school right now… the current estimate is a 1% to 3% mortality rate of school children if they went to school now and NO mortality rate of our children that we can avoid is acceptable!), go plant a garden in your back yard or regrow some vegetable scraps on the windowsill if you don’t have a yard. When the crops have grown, you’ll have fresh vegetables for your family and maybe even enough to give some away or to trade for something else. Instead of endangering yourself and everyone else you love or even encounter, sit your ass at home and binge TV or something… watch documentaries so you can somehow seek self betterment.

I know I sound bitter right now and I’m sincerely sorry. I am just so annoyed at the nonstop dribble of idiocy that I am seeing happening these days that I felt the need to share some thoughts. I’m not really a bitter person and I am often told that I am incredibly patient. I do see a light at the end of this tunnel we are in, but it is a long way out. This illness hit our country and we were not prepared. We now have to step back and give time to build a good, adequate response and plan of attack to overcome it. It won’t happen unless we can all do our part.

We are in for the long haul. I hope you are, too.