Making Trail Mix: Easy Recipe!

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I have long loved a good trail mix. Really, who doesn’t?! It’s yummy, delicious and packed with energy-sustaining protein! A little bit goes a long way so don’t overdo it with a delicious trail mix! Here is my favorite trail mix recipe. Sometimes I change it up a bit with yogurt covered raisins or chocolate covered peanuts, but this is my basic, standby, delicious and oh-so-yummy recipe!


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Once you have all of your ingredients, get the biggest bowl that you can! Simply pour all the ingredients into the bowl and mix them up! Tah dah! Ready to eat trail mix! It really IS that easy! To keep it fresh over the long haul, just pour into zip lock bags or an air tight container and seal, pushing out the extra air along the way. It will remain shelf stable for a very long time.