Life is Too Short!

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I just found out that a friend passed away this afternoon. We weren’t incredibly close… but he was incredibly close to someone I am incredibly close to, so that is plenty enough to shake me.

I got the call from his fiancee and we talked for a good while. She was very shook up, her entire life just fell crumbling down around her and she still had to keep it together for her granddaughter who lives with her. I listened to her talk, cry, wonder what will happen next and honestly I felt a little helpless to help, but offered console where I could.

We hung up and she was going to try to sleep. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy night for her. I worried that she might fall off the wagon… This is a big, horrible event! I know she’s strong, I admire her strength. Hopefully, she has enough support to stay clean through this…

Then it dawned on me. He died. He’s gone. He was brilliant! He was an amazing musician and I don’t think I ever told him that I really did enjoy his music… Though I’m pretty sure he knows now. But even through his artistic and creative mind, how much of life did he actually live? He was a solid, hard worker. He was a great employee for his company. He loved his family vacations, which he took frequently.

I recently made a video and accompanying post taking about life and death and I was left wondering if he had been truly happy with his life. I mean, really happy? Fulfilled?

He was working hard on his health and he was in great health, or so we thought. This was sudden and totally unexpected. Would he have done it differently if he knew it was coming?

Would I? Would you?

If you would, don’t wait. Do it now. My friend thought he had many more tomorrows, many more years. We all thought he did too. How many more tomorrows do any of us have? Don’t wait. Do it now.

Take the scenic route

Stay positive

Love completely

Live life to the fullest