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I started my journey with doTerra in 2016 and have never looked back! I have never doubted the passion that doTerra has for the business, but what blew me away was their dedication to people! They not only take amazing care of their customers and personnel, they take care of their affiliated farmers and distillers, the families and communities of the farmers and distillers and their wonderful efforts through their non-profit, Healing Hands Foundation. I have a profound personal sense of service. I always look for any way that I can help those I encounter, so doTerra’s devotion to service was one of the biggest pluses for me. That, coupled with the amazing quality of these essential oils, were the big reasons for my decision to stick with doTerra.

Let’s go back to early January 2016. It was cold and snowy. My kid was SO SICK and nothing had helped him! We had been to numerous doctor visits and even an ER trip for dehydration. Nothing helped him feel better. He was sick for about 3 weeks. He was lethargic, so fatigued and so hot to touch! I was at wits end when I broke down over the phone with a friend and just spilled out everything. She asked me if she could come over. Now. It was around midnight but I said OK. She brought her doTerra oils and some fractionated coconut oil. First, she put some peppermint oil on the soles of his feet and the back of his neck to cool him off some. He cooled right off and stayed cool for a good long while! Then we discussed what’s been bothering him and which oils would help him the best. We made a diluted bottle of oils with a roller top and she showed me how to apply it to the soles of his feet. I applied it religiously every 4 hours. HE GOT BETTER! His doctors STILL have no idea what was wrong with him, but I know that our oils helped him and that’s what matters to him and to me!

Fast forward to summer 2016. I was having a hard time financially and needed to take my son to the doctor, yet again. A member of my team found out and sent me the money for his co-pay, prescriptions, special food and gas to get around to get it all taken care of, all as a loan for me to repay whenever I could. She saved his life! He had an asthma flare and couldn’t breathe! He had to be on oral steroids for 2 weeks and start on regular asthma medication. She talked to me about how she makes her living with doTerra and how I could, too. So that I could supplement our income and not have any more days where we couldn’t get to the doctor when we need to, get medicine we need, or get groceries. I decided that if she could do it, so could I! She doesn’t sell, she isn’t a salesperson at all and actually hates selling. Kinda like me. I hate selling! But she still managed to succeed. Not only that, but she managed to make it TO THE TOP! Her husband was able to retire, they bought a hobby farm and moved back to Pennsylvania where they both wanted to raise their kids. All on her income from doTerra. And she loves what she does, because she gets to help people and serve the greater good. That sure does sound good! So in I go, all in. It’s a transition, it’s not the same as a traditional 9-to-5. It’s better!

My “Success Story” is still an ongoing tale, yet to be finished. I welcome you to join me on this journey to financial freedom through a truly fulfilling work! It doesn’t matter if you are 18-years-old, fresh out of high school and confused, terrified of all that is to come, or if you are 65 and looking for supplemental income. There are opportunities here for you! All it takes is motivation and the drive to succeed! If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it, that means you too! Do what you love and chase those dreams! Stop waiting and make it happen. Not tomorrow. NOW!

One of my favorite things about this company is that we don’t boast cars, new homes, & vacations. We truly want financial freedom for everyone and if you told me on that cold and terrifying night in January 2016 that a network marketing company could make that possible for both myself and my family, I probably would have laughed.

If you are sitting here right now reading this and saying to yourself “I want to change lives,” “I want a supplemental income,” “I want to quit my job,” “I want to live a financially free life.” Whatever it may be, I would love nothing more than to work with you. I have an incredible team with leaders who would love to work with you and devote themselves to helping you succeed.

How Do I Start?

  1. Purchase a starter kit from me!

  2. Email me at and let me know so that we can get you started with our online training course, specific only to our team. I will give you the site name and password for this. This program consists of 4 modules where you will learn 75% of everything that you need to know about this business. This is where I started & it helped me out tremendously. I’m a slow learner so I had to go through them twice but on my second time through, everything started to sink in.

  3. I will set up either a phone call, or video call to chat with you so we can look towards the future and see where you would best fit into our team as a sharer, builder, or leader. I only have 14 days to move you on my tree so the sooner, the better! I want to help you and place you with like minded and growing individuals.

  4. I will add you to our Facebook pages where you can see great info posted daily by myself and everyone from our team. We have a strong knit community and we pride ourselves in the relationships that we’ve created with each other. Love my team!

  5. Get ready for the most amazing and life changing ride of your life! It’s about to get real… REAL GOOD!