Holy Cow Delivery Review

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I know this isn’t something that I normally do, but I wanted to share a review of a grocery delivery service that I use and love! I’m not affiliated with Holy Cow Delivery in any way, other than being a loyal customer, and have not been given anything for this review. It’s just my honest opinion!

To start, here is the video review:

Let me start off saying that these guys are awesome! I love the local food, supporting local farmers. I love that it is wholesome, fresh and minimally processed. While they do offer some certified organic products, most are not… But they ARE farm fresh, beef is grass fed, antibiotics are only used when they animal actually needs them, etc. A lot of people don’t know a little tidbit about that organic tag, especially when it comes to animal products. Let’s say you run an organic farm with grass fed Angus cattle. One of your cows comes down with an illness that is bacterial in nature. You have a tough choice to make. To maintain that organic label, your cattle can’t be given antibiotics. So you either treat the cow and return them to health (discarding milk while they are being treated), out send your sick cow to slaughter. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be absolutely sure that my meat came from a healthy, well treated animal. So, I focus more on farm fresh meat products from local farms instead of that “organic” stamp. I get wholesome food and I also get to do my part to support local farms! If I ever doubt about the treatment of the animals or their feed, I can go to the farm and check it for myself!

So far, all of the meats I have gotten from Holy Cow Delivery came from Crabill’s Butcher. Crabill’s is the go-to guy to process a lot of the meat from the smaller, family-run farms around here. They are a smaller butcher than the ones in the larger towns but again, personal service and being welcomed to tour the facility is pretty awesome. They are about a 40 minute drive from my house so I dropped in one day last summer. They are a great small, family run butcher nestled in a spot that is surrounded by mountains and farms. They process all of the meat there on site, then it is vacuum packed and frozen for transport. Since it is all processed by hand, you won’t be seeing “90/10” stamps or anything like that on these packages… it is hand processed. I can guarantee that there is a very low amount of fat in the ground beef and from what I have seen, the meat color isn’t “supplemented” with dyes like they do in the large commercial processing plants. It’s the real deal, and real meat without all the frills. And you can taste a definite difference. I am so spoiled on Crabill’s meats now!! All in all, it was a top notch family facility with awesome products!

The eggs I get from Holy Cow Delivery are always awesome! So are the cottage cheese, Sour cream, ice cream, cheese and just about any other product you would expect to find from a farm and creamery. I haven’t gotten a single thing that was below my expectations. In fact, every single product has far exceeded my expectations!

They also make regular trips north to the Amish farmers and offer fresh Amish goods for delivery to their customers, when available!

I recommend Holy Cow Delivery to all of my friends and family and now, to you as well! They are awesome! If you have questions, Samantha is so very helpful and friendly! You can contact her through their website at http://www.holycowdelivery.com

You can pay for your orders with cash on delivery or PayPal. To arrange a delivery, make sure that you contact them from their web site and include your name, email address, phone number, physical address for delivery and how you would like to pay with your first order. You will get a personal confirmation prior to delivery and from then on, you will get a weekly email (usually on Sunday) with their new items in stock and any specials. I just respond to that weekly email with my weekly order and wait for my PayPal invoice. Simple and personal, farm fresh and wholesome, who could ask for more!