Happy Easter! Vlog Episode 1 is NOW LIVE!

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Happy Easter! And April Fool’s Day! Can you believe we actually have both on the same day this year? I know! Totally crazy! LOL!

My son and I decided that we would try our hands at making vlog episodes! What is a vlog? Great question! It is basically a video blog, the episodes generally get cranked out faster than other videos and have minimal editing done, just enough to get them watchable and online. It’s more of a raw, behind-the-scenes view of our lives than our other videos. We are getting some new equipment to add to our arsenal too!

My son now has a camera! OurLife Kids Waterproof Camera with Video:

And he has a tripod just like his Mommy does! We totally love these flexible tripods, check them out! It’s a JOBY Gorillapod:

My husband ordered his DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone bundle, so it should be here any day now! Whoop! Check it:

And here soon, I will have my camera bundle (I already have my own gorilla pod!), a Canon EOS 6D bundle:


And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, it’s real!! We’re doin this and so glad you are along with us to enjoy the ride! Here’s your Vlog Episode 001 to enjoy!