Fiber Arts

I have20150101_200223 always liked to knit and crochet, though knitting has outpaced crochet in the last few years. I am also learning to spin fiber into yarn and will be building my own spinning wheel soon, based on the Dodec Wheel and the Penguin Wheel. I have an Etsy Shop where I post my knitted items for sale, and soon will be posting spinning wheels as soon as I start making them!


20150131_13455220150108_134150I make plenty of blankets, hats, socks and sweaters for my family but recently a friend of mine started telling me that I should sell some of them on Etsy. Finally, I listened to her and opened up an Etsy shop where I accept custom orders and offer hand made knitted goods for sale.




20150419_152415 20150422_121829Some of my favorite knit projects have included two diferent Ten-Stitch Blankets, one for Matoskah with bright colors and one for my husband, this one black and gray. Ten-Stitch Blankets are incredibly easy to make! I learned how to make them following a tutorial on YouTube by Very Pink Knits which tells you step by step how to make this blanket. The hardest part is the miter corners but once you get that down pat, it is smooth sailing. I found that marking each turn on the corner with a stitch marker really helped me.

I will be posting different items that I make, with links to photos and purchase options through Etsy. I hope you enjoy watching me progress through these different items and look forward to reading your comments! 🙂