Communication & Expression

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Communication and Expression are key factors to living a successful life! Open and honest communication are fundamental skills and learning or honing your expression skills can help you to not only be a more effective communicator but also understand and read others’ better, both spoken and unspoken.

There are many different methods that we all use to communicate with each other. Understanding and becoming consciously fluent in these methods can work to help you communicate more clearly with others, as well as understanding what others are communicating to you. Whether you focus on the enigmatic world of unspoken communication or linguistic expression, learning a bit about all the different ways we communicate will be beneficial to you in all areas of life!

As survivors, we have experienced that tendency to not only close off our own communication forms, but also have plenty of experience in misreading others intentions or taking what they are saying completely wrong. We tend to color what we see and hear from others based on our own experiences and, for most, this can result in more hurt feelings, misunderstandings and bad experiences than not. To minimize this negative effect of our traumatic experiences, we can learn to remove our emotional coloring of conversations and replace it with a logical analysis of the communication taking place.

This can be extremely difficult, since we do tend to discuss emotional and emotionally charged topics. But, with practice, we learn to balance logic and analysis into our regular communication methods so that we can become more expert communicators in daily life. Trust me, once you master these skills, you will be so glad you did! So will those who communicate with you!