Building the Machine: Common Core Education

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Building the Machine: Common Core Education

What do you know about the Common Core Initiative? Do you really know what your kids are being taught in school? I’ll give you a hint: the new Common Core standards are NOTHING like it was when we were in school, folks! And, while Common Core is being taught in schools, my child will never attend a public school. I do not agree with it, with it’s corporate sponsorship and corporate interest in our CHILDREN, nor with it’s age inappropriate agendas. Please, people, watch this short movie and spread the word far and wide: FIGHT THE COMMON CORE! Just because we choose to home school our children, that does not mean they are not affected by Common Core. We still must test our kids and keep/submit their scores to the state in many states (mine included), and those tests are Common Core Aligned. Do you want your home schooled child to be able and eligible to go to college? Entrance exams are Common Core Aligned as well. Learn the facts and how to fight this initiative in your home!

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  1. I love this post. When I pulled my daughter out of school in February, her class had just begun implementing the Common Core curriculum for math. They were working on material she had covered two years prior, and the students were taught that there was only one way to arrive at the answer. Even more disappointing was the fact that the method taught was ridiculously complicated and time consuming.