Book Review: Portraits From The Woods, Photography Book by Norman Reedus

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My early Christmas Present was a Collector’s Edition of “Portraits From The Woods”, a photography book by Norman Reedus! In this video, we see a full unboxing and my review of the entire book. Get yours at the link below!

Norman Reedus, most well known for his acting role playing Daryl Dixon on the AMC show The Walking Dead, has been acting for many years before The Walking Dead, but his acting career found stardom in 1999 with the release of his first feature-length movie, “The Boondock Saints”. Throughout his entire life, he has had a passion for (and a talent for), various artistic expressions. His photography is particularly striking, showing the world through a somewhat darkened lens. His composition is a little surreal, his colors are striking, his use of light and shadows brings questions to the forefront that would have otherwise been overlooked easily. “Portraits From The Woods” is a collection of photographic works spanning at least 1.5 decades, seen through his unique viewport.

The photographs in this book not only show a surreal, slightly darkened view of the world but also allow you to catch a glimpse of how he views the world, how he experiences his reality in a unique way that can only come through contemplation of each photograph on its own, as well as the collection as a whole. Each photograph represents a snapshot of the life of the photographer– seen in all of its individual detail using a truly interesting color palette, offering a raw, unfiltered insight into a world that we are otherwise unable to view.

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