Big Changes Are Coming!


You may have noticed that I haven’t published a new design in a few weeks. Yeah… about that…

Sorry! You see, I’ve been crazy busy. I have a TON of ideas floating through my head. Usually, at what seems like the worst times possible. Isn’t that how it always seems to happen with us crazy artsy-types? Anyway, in the midst of my designing frenzy that usually accompanies these creative moments, I got a notification from my printing house. They are discontinuing dozens of products and literally THOUSANDS of color options from products they are keeping. Totally destroyed my creative moment.

You see, my storefront workflow looks kinda like this:

  1. I get creative.
  2. I spend hours, usually days, pouring over a design to make it perfect.
  3. I send my design to the printing house. They hang on to it for me.
  4. I add my design to select merchandise that the printing house keeps stocked, so they can quickly and easily print up an order.
  5. You find something that you fall totally in love with!
  6. So, you go ahead and buy it. You just HAVE to, after all! You love it! 🙂
  7. The printing house prints my design on the merchandise you choose and sends it out to your doorstep for me.
  8. You love your awesome new stuff and check out my other designs (I hope, at least!) 😉

But now I realized there’s a break in my work flow.. a critical break that I didn’t even see before. When I need to *change* a product in my storefront, it’s a bit of a pain in the backside. Okay, a total pain in the backside. I’ve been a programmer for almost as long as I could type (that’s a long time!) so I know my way around the technical side of running an e-commerce web site. I designed and set up this entire site on my own, after all. Even so, making these THOUSANDS of changes is very daunting. The problem is that I can’t do it in a big batch. I have to do it individually.

One. At. A. Time.

OMG serious! That’s literally months of work on a 40-hour workweek. The printing house gave me a week. ONE FRIGGING WEEK!

Totally not possible.

So, instead of trying to accomplish a total miracle, I decided to make a big change. A big, productive change. But the change requires a ton of work. I’m switching to a different printing house. So, my products from my previous printer will be disappearing from the site and replaced with equally awesome products from the new printer. I’m not sure you will even be able to notice a huge change from one printing house to the other from your end, as a customer, after I get the migration finished. Well, other than the fact that you will see a lot of new items available because the new printing house stocks a huge assortment of merchandise, whereas the previous one was pretty limited in their scope of products.

So, to summarize: some people have some crappy business practices and I am working hard to protect you (and me) from unscrupulous businesses by making sure I’m using a well-established printing house with a huge variety of merchandise available and an awesome reputation for top-notch printing and materials! Even though it is taking a long time to make the change, you will see a brand new design line available once it is complete! Yay! I already have the design finished and ready. I just need to finish the work behind the scenes to bring it to you. Stay tuned for the next update: I’ll let you know once it’s all done with a brand new announcement and perhaps a new sale to celebrate!