A Drop of Wisdom: Rose Essential Oil

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Pamper a sister, friend, or mother in your life with the gift of dōTERRA’s Rose oil this holiday season. Sought after for its powerful aroma and emotional benefits, Rose essential oil is the perfect gift during the gloomy winter months. Apply a drop to any skin imperfections to promote an even skin tone, regulate moisture levels, and increase healthy-looking complexion. Diffuse Rose essential oil before any occasion to enjoy the sweet, floral aroma, and calming properties.

What’s Special About Rose Essential Oil?

As one of the lowest yielding essential oils, it takes approximately 60,000 fresh petals of the Rosa damascena plant to produce 5 mL of precious Rose essential oil through the steam distillation process. Because of that low yield, Rose is very hard to come by. But the scarcity of Rose is only a minor factor in its value in the essential oil world. The essence of one of the world’s most beautiful and aromatic flowers produces one of the most complex, distinctive, and health-benefiting essential oils.

Symbolic of love, beauty, and seduction, roses have been adored for thousands of years. Persians perfected the distillation of rosewater and rose essential oil during the Middle Ages, and Rose became famous for its ability to improve the complexion throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Today, rose bushes are well-known ornamental plants throughout the world and Rose essential oil graces high-end lotions, fragrances, cosmetics, and nutritional products.

There are hundreds of rose species in the world. The damask rose (Rose damascene) originates from Asia and is one of the most desirable roses, due to its superior fragrance, its scarcity, and its remarkable emotional benefits. The aroma of damask rose is indulgent and relaxing. It is also said to be rejuvenating.

Using Rose Essential Oil

Rose is primarily composed of four dominant volatile aromatic compounds: citronellol, geraniol, nonadecane, and heneicosane. The monoterpene alcohols, citronellol and geraniol, are often associated with floral essential oils—geranium also contains rich concentrations—and they share more than a similar chemical makeup. There is good reason why Rose essential oil is valued so highly in personal care; both compounds are effective at supporting a healthy and clean appearance of the skin and hair. That cleansing power is also evident when used on surfaces. Nonadecane and heneicosane are a little more mysterious, and a lot less scientifically investigated, but based upon the breadth of research, they are a great example of essential oil synergy and exactly why Rose offers such profound benefits. Greater than the sum of its parts, an abundance of experimental and human clinical research has shown that Rose provides powerful benefits when used aromatically and topically.

How do you use Rose oil?

  • Apply to pulse points to uplift mood throughout the day.
  • Use on areas of concern twice daily to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • Apply to neck and wrists for a romantic personal fragrance.
  • Apply to the palms of your hands, cup your hands over your nose, and inhale, deeply for an uplifting sensation.

Are you ready to see what Rose oil can do for you? Don’t wait another day to try it!